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Want To Avoid Another Texas Debacle? Here Is How To Create A Clean, Resilient Electrical Grid

Small-scale, distributed generation resources must take the place of our Industrial Revolution-era grid

A long line to enter a pharmacy in Austin, Texas during the Great Texas Faceplant of 2021. Source: Wikipedia

Executive Summary

Solar Just Doesn’t Scale

A solar array in Portugal. Source: Wikipedia

Taking a Page from the Internet Age Playbook

Dr. Shuli Goodman, Executive Director of LF Energy. Source: Dr. Shuli Goodman

What the Next Generation Grid Looks Like

Kristov, et al’s model for a layered, resilient infrastructure system starts with resilient neighborhoods. Source: Dr. Lorenzo Kristov

Grid Innovation for Consumers and Investors



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Passionate about harnessing the power of the free market to solve humanity’s biggest adaptation challenge.