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UPDATE!* White America: A *Genuine* Request for Information.

Why does a Black person’s general rejection of racism prompt a White person to react as if *personally* condemned?

CREDIT: Deviant Art
Actual reader comment below.
  • BLACK PERSON: “I had a hard time in primary. A lot of racism in the school system. Teachers graded my work aggressively. They gave the blonde kids a free pass. I am better for it but it was hard.”
  • WHITE PERSON: VERBALLY: “EYE was also VERY aggressively graded. I didn’t think it was racism.” Also, NON-VERBALLY: anger, defensiveness.
  • BLACK PERSON: Racism makes life hard, but we are stronger in the end.
  • WHITE PERSON: I feel like you are saying bad things about ME. Thus, I reject your premise that what you experienced was racism.
Quilts and the Underground Railroad



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Catherine Pugh, Esq.

Private Counsel. Former DOJ-CRT, Special Litigation Section, Public Defender; Adjunct Professor (law & undergrad). Developed Race & Law course.