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Every Time I Return to Medium, I Read About How Much it Sucks

I find the irony amusing.

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

I get it. The click-bait is appealing, and I mean, I read the articles, so they work.

I want to know the status of Medium’s algorithms as much as anyone else writing on this platform. I guess I just wonder what these people are writing for. . .

I have also read many articles about writing, not just on Medium, but on writing in general, and the consensus tends to be. . . drumroll please. . . write for yourself. Have a good reason for writing. Solely writing for engagement is not a good enough reason. What happens to your motivation when the engagement isn’t there? And how do you get people to engage when there’s a lack of authenticity due to writing for other people.

Granted, every writer wants to be read. Every human being wants to be seen and heard. Artists have a greater desire to have the world take notice. And yet, the art come from a deep place within. Writing is an art form, and deserves that kind of respect.

In a world of chronic self-exploitation, being real and authentic is a gift. And in this world where it seems we’re all yelling into the nothingness, fighting for scraps of recognition, I admire those willing to uphold their vision. I admire those focused on the work, the art, and the purpose.

I know that my engagement isn’t super, so why would anyone take advice about writing on Medium from me?

Because I’m happy. I feel so good about writing on Medium because I love writing. And I love sharing. And whomever is meant to read what I write, will. I won’t compromise the integrity of my voice for more engagement. And that practice fills me with strength and confidence.

I am at peace. If you’re stressed about writing on Medium. . . how would you rather feel?

And if you would rather be making money from engagement than feel at peace, then this article was not for you. Aren’t you glad it was short?!



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Sara Brancaccio

Sara Brancaccio

Intuitive, medium, reiki master teacher, shadow integrator, highly sensitive person with chronic pain. I write about all that.