Field Work, Day 2

Ada Yuen, August 17, 2015, Smarties, Reflection

Reflection based on our encounter with Mr. Rai:

  • Hong Kong as home — Mr. Rai, his family and other Niponese people have stayed in Sham Shui Po for a very long time. Good to see that they are able to start new families and run business in the community. Hope they are pleased to be here.
  • Helpful and willing to share — The Niponese people were willing to spend time talking to us, and share their personal stories. Maybe it’s because of D’s relationship with them. (We had a hard time finding local Chinese people to talk to in Day 1.)

Reflection based on our encounter with Mr. Li:

  • Willing to share very personal matter — Mr. Li told us that his son is in a rehabilitation center. I think this is a very private matter. If I had a son who is in a rehabilitation center, I am not sure if I could tell total strangers about this.
  • Rehabilitation — Seems the rehabilitation centers are really helping their customers. Very pleased to know that Mr. Li can join leather goods workshop, and have activities with his son in the rehab center. Hope more people in need can benefit from rehabilitation centers.