The Shame Remains
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The Shame Remains

Is Recovery Truly An Option Or Is Coping The Best You Can Hope For?

Photo by Gioele Fazzeri on Unsplash

My teeth grate stickily with last night’s vomit, again. I keep my eyes closed against the optical violence of London’s suburbs as they sprint past me outside the Tube window. No, wait. It’s not London, it’s Dublin. It’s Dubai.

It’s Hong Kong. It’s the MTR, and all I see in the window is a reflection of the same impenetrable face I’ve avoided in the…




Self acceptance and forgiveness are often out of reach for victims of abuse, who can suffer lifelong issues that manifest themselves in every aspect of their lives, more often than not alone and unheard even by loved ones. This is a place to speak, unjudged and believed.

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This is my suicide not that I wrote back in December:(

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Merton Barracks

Merton Barracks

I'm meandering. Some fiction and some rantings with an intermingling of the things that keep me going, slow me down or make me cry.

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