Rise Above The Status Quo

“…And change the game."

Change the game.

Break the rules.

Not because of your ego, not for the money or fame.

But because nobody else will.

The status quo doesn't welcome change because it disrupts their monopoly over power, control and authority.

People don’t like change because it scares them.

Change will threaten their jobs, and the way they live life.

But if the game is unfair, if you don’t have the money, power, control or a say in how the game is played, then why play by rules — You've already lost!

If the game is fixed and the outcome is decided even before you've made your move, change the game.

Because the rules of game is to always make you loose, and always make them win.

Don’t play by the rules.

Make your own rules, live your life how YOU want to live…

If you think the time has come to change the way the game is played in your country, your state, your business or your life… then change the game.

…And rise above the Status Quo.

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