Adventure games app for the little ones in which parents have a major role to play!

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The Sheeping Company.

Why an educational video game for kids?

Kids love games, use digital devices at a very early age but they play alone. As psychologists are quite uncertain about the “right” use of screens, they all do agree that playing alone could be a factor affecting social development.

“Let parents play video games with their kids then!” Sure, but we have also been surprised how parents have no specific role in a video game.

And here comes Shingu’s journey!

What makes the app special?

Parents and kids have a shared goal but different roles.

Kids play and collect a badge every time a “world” is completed…

…and parents watch over these badges.

By keeping parents updated when Shingu is about to forget a dream, they are given a role and responsibility. Kids play and get awards that must be “watched” by their parents. Kids can then focus on a whole story with specific targets.

Parents receives regurarly notifications (once a week on an average) telling them that Shingu needs their help. If they open the app, the badge is “saved”. If not, it is lost and kids have to get it back!

This way, parents are playing with their kids!

Extra feature: kids are also rewarded offline as parents got free activities via email. These extra games are a good way of going online to offline.


Under a sky full of stars, Shingu the little sheep falls asleep dreaming on imaginary worlds. But would he remember once the day has come? With the kid’s help, Shingu earns badges that represent different dreams. Once the kid got them all, Shingu could finally tell his friends about his adventures. But be careful, he could forget them along the way! And it is up to the parents to prevent this from happening…

The Games

The app is made of puzzles of imaginary animals and landscapes. Puzzles are distributed among worlds with a growing level of difficulty. The interface is designed especially for children to let them discover the games step by step and have fun while developing their cognitive functions (focus, gestures and logic).

Every game being designed for children below 5.


We are trying hard to design the apps only thinking of how kids would play with it. And it is challenging. To reach this ambitious target, we read a lot of articles and paper works on the following topics: kids and screens, kids’ skills learning through time, best tips so far to design interactive games for kids and so many others!

Finally, we started to work with psychologists and wish to be able to include them as deeply as possible in the conception and evolution of our apps.


“Stores” have very strict rules when it comes to kids. Plus, we decided to go for the “below 5” category of the App Store to fit with our target audience. Therefore, there are:

And we also tried to set up the best parental gates when needed:

Press FAQ

What is special in this app? Parents are given a specific role in the story.

Target audience: parents of kids below 5.

Key features: 1 specific role for the parents (coming soon) / 10 puzzles / 5 “Worlds” / Growing level of difficulty / Nice animations and characters.

Release date: 26.01.17

Platform: IOS 8+ (Universal app)

Countries: worldwide except China (registration on process)

App Store categories: Education / games / family / below 5

Price: Free + in-app purchase (3,49 € for the full package of 5 Worlds)

Languages: English, French, Spanish and Korean

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