Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Princess Pageant Featured Dancing and Music

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The 5th Annual Princess Pageant was held on Saturday, April 9 inside the Shepherd High School Auditorium. First, the girls were interviewed by the judges, then during the pageant they performed the opening number set to the song “Cotton Eye Joe.” The pageant this year had a Western theme.

The Talent Portion

During the talent portion, the girls gave performances involving singing, dancing, tumbling, hula hooping and joke telling. Then last years winners performed their talents from the year they won and there was a performance from the Duhadway Dancers.

Judge Interviews

Each girl had picked a community service project as a part of their participation in the Princess Pageant. After the talent portion, each contestant answered a question about the community service project they had worked on, and what they had learned from their experience.

Melinda Huzzey, mother of six-year-old Myia, said that her daughter’s participation in the pageant had been a positive one. “Overall it was amazing [pageant planners] Lisa and Sara are both wonderful to work with. All the young ladies who decided to help out with the little girls were also great. I thought every single girl did awesome and they all got along so great. I meet mom’s that I would have never had the chance to meet and I myself had a great time and now a little sad that it’s all done!”

When asked what she liked most about being in the pageant, Myia said that it was a lot of fun, and that she liked being able to dress up.

Left to right: 1st runner up k-2 Emily Halstead, Princess k-2 Madalynn Haworth, Princess 3–5 Emma Kortman, 1st runner up 3–5 Kyla Jerman and Miss Congeniality Erika Sikes

Originally published at on April 10, 2016.