Make More Time For Yourself

Clean Home (Picture from Unsplash)

I just finished cleaning my house yesterday.

Everything is clean, the laundry is done and put away, the beds are made, the kitchen and bathrooms are all clean.

I have the weekend to do whatever I want to do instead of just doing a few fun things and putting off the rest because I have to carve out time to clean my place.

I absolutely love the way it makes me feel. Energized, more alert, happier, and feeling good about myself. Ready for anything that comes my way. It is strange that just a simple thing like having the house cleaned up can bring such happy feelings.

It gives me the time that I so desperately want, to do what I truly want to do and not what I have to do. I do that all week. Don’t get me wrong. My work is fun and rewarding for the most part, but everyone wants some time off for themselves.

It’s just that I always seem to run out of time to do the things that I want to do. I want to treat myself to a lazy afternoon in the park, reading a new book. Meandering down fun streets to see the new shops and maybe lunch with old friends. All without guilt.

I get up on Saturday, pad into the kitchen and smile as I realize that I have the whole day ahead of me. I usually clean and catch up on household tasks on Saturdays, and relax on Sundays. Now, I have two whole days to do as I wish.

I am going to make it count.

I decide to make a promise to myself to see one new thing every month that I have never actually seen for myself. I start looking up tourist attractions around my area. Seriously. Yes, I am going to do every cheesy thing out there that tourists usually do around my home. Well, maybe not everything. I probably won’t buy a t-shirt that has the city’s name on it with a big heart.

I select four things that look pretty cool. A park that I have never actually been in, a museum that I hadn’t been to in years, a funky little coffee shop that got great reviews, and the place with the “best view” in the city.

I put on my favorite jeans, my comfortable walking shoes and I am on my way. My goals today are the funky coffee shop and the park. Hey, if I don’t get to all of the park, there is always next Saturday.

I am done cleaning my weekends away.

How about you? What are you doing this weekend?