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Is this just about being pissed off? We get pissed off, but that’s not all it’s about. We believe that anger is powerful when it’s shared by a lot of people. We also believe that problems usually have solutions. As our newsletter grows, we’ll include ideas for how to fix the shit we’re calling out.

What kind of stuff… erm, shit… are you gonna send me? We’ll work hard to earn your trust, and we’ll ONLY send you problems that deserve your immediate attention. The issues we highlight will be the result of human actions (because that means humans can solve them, too).

We’ll avoid being redundant — we won’t share this week’s biggest story; we’ll find things that aren’t getting enough coverage. We’ll link to smart reporters and news organizations throughout, so you can dive deeper when something really hits a nerve.

In past emails, we’ve talked about environmental racism, the total dysfunction of the TSA, the private prison system and gerrymandering.

Who are you? The Shit List is written by Keren Goldshlager (resident know-it-all), Dan Fletcher (resident cynic-hermit) and Pallavi Kuppa-Apte (resident pitchfork-holder). We all used to work together. Now we’re friends, newsletter strategists and Slack companions.

Is the ice-cream-cone-poop-emoji REALLY your branding? Firm yes. I’m confused by the question. It seems clear.

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