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That Slacker in You

Slacking is not generally lazing around. Yes, for some it is definitely deliberate but for the others it’s a direct consequence of imposition of a job contrary to their skill set.

To put this in perspective, say, I hire George Clooney as an Accountant. He is bound to suck at his job or deliver a mediocre performance as compared to that in his current profession.

So, if the Boss accuses you of slacking, plead guilty and wave your resume at his face asking him to match your job profile with your skill set.

Now let’s look at another perspective. Slacking when your health is at stake is an offence. For a diabetic neglecting his morning walk is a crime. Similarly, running away from your duties that match your skill set or those which you are obligated to perform is also deplorable.

Well, slacking is definitely your own business but imagine the amount of harm you put yourself through, inadvertently. If you slack today, then the amount of effort required to meet the deadline multiplies and hence the mental and physical stress. Needless to say, stress will inject negative emotions in your being.

Remember, if the responsibility of a particular task is handed down to you then only you are expected to complete it. Reject it outright at the beginning or see it through till the very end.