The School of Startups — why you’ve got to attend!

Do you know that an exciting event in the Helsinki startup and tech calendar is just around the corner? Don’t miss out, sign up for The Shortcut School of Startups 2018 now!

Elisabet Miheludaki, Sharbel Dahlan and Anjana Sinha attended previous School of Startups workshops. After the workshops, they began working on their own startups. Sharbel began working on talentPal, Anjana is working on building BeyondBorders, and Elisabet has now launched

The Shortcut met Elisabet, Sharbel and Anjana. We asked them about who could attend the School of Startups. Sharbel summed it up,The School of Startups is not just for entrepreneurs. It’s also for those interested in other aspects such as design, marketing, legalities, or development. There’s something for everyone—anything under the umbrella of technology and innovation.”

We also asked them why they thought attending the School of Startups 2018 was a good idea, here’s what they said:

The School of Startups offers a unique chance to:

  • Meet experts
  • Form a team
  • Learn new skills or improve old ones
  • Nurture and test your idea
  • Get a job
  • Network, be inspired, and make friends.
Let’s hear more…..

A chance to meet experts

Elisabet: You get to interact with experts whom you might not otherwise meet. This is really helpful. The experts gave me lots of help and guidance.

Sharbel: Even though you might have the required educational background, getting expert help is always useful. Experts conduct these workshops and give of their time and expertise pro bono. So, the School of Startups provides a unique opportunity to get advice and learn for free.

Anjana: You need the input of experts, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. I asked Tomi Kaukinen (of Camment) for an appointment to discuss my idea. He was so helpful and gave me constructive feedback. In fact, this year too, I’m going to attend a few sessions because I want to meet some of the experts.

A chance to form a team

Sharbel: Some of the people you meet may already be working on an idea that could interest you. Maybe, you have the skills that they need and you could join them. If you are looking for team members, you might find them at the School of Startups.

If you are looking for team members, you might find them at the School of Startups -Sharbel Dahlan

A chance to selectively learn about specific aspects

Sharbel: You don’t have to attend every workshop, you can choose the relevant ones that interest you.

Elisabet: I chose workshops based on what I knew I would need for my startup, such as marketing, identifying users, selecting the right technology, and some others. The workshops give you the initial tools and knowledge. You can then work on developing your skills further.

Anjana: When planning a startup, there are many things you’ll need to understand. Even though I was a novice, I was able to learn different things. It’s like forming a picture. The dots were the different workshops that I had attended. I connected the dots and now am working on getting my own startup off the ground.

Elisabet: I remember there were professionals attending the workshops. Some of them came to learn new skills, others wanted a refresher on specific aspects. The workshops are not just for those who want to be entrepreneurs, they are for everyone.

A chance to nurture your idea

Elisabet: I had the vision and focus for my idea. However, the interactions and knowledge from the workshops are what helped my idea evolve. They helped me develop amplaffy into something more concrete.

Anjana: My idea was very raw and new. An idea is like a plant; in order to keep it alive, you need to nurture it. I was able to connect my idea with all that I had learned at the workshops. As a result, I felt excited and this motivation helped nurture my idea. Having my idea nurtured was perhaps the most important thing that I gained.

Having my idea nurtured was perhaps the most important thing that I gained-Anjana Sinha

A chance to test your idea

Elisabet: The School of Startups is a good place to really test yourself and your idea. You can learn with others, work with different people, and test your limits.

Sharbel: Attending the School of Startups is a great chance for you to talk about your idea. Talking about your idea and running it by different people is the only way you can strengthen or validate the idea.

A chance to get a job

Anjana: If you are going to interview at a startup, the knowledge gained from the School will stand you in good stead.

The School of Startups is so much more than a set of workshops-Elisabet Miheludaki

A chance to network, be inspired and make friends

Elisabet : The School of Startups is so much more than a set of workshops. I’ve made so many friends. It’s also a chance to have fun.

Sharbel: One of the really good reasons to attend the School is to network. You get to meet lots of people. Maybe you don’t have an idea yet, but meeting people with different ideas and perspectives is always inspiring. The discussions can trigger new thoughts. And yes, you can also make lots of friends. I’m from Syria, but the School of Startups was the catalyst that connected me with people from The Shortcut. For now, I have a place that is like home, I have friends. This is what The Shortcut is all about, it’s a channel that fosters integration through innovation and technology.

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