Meet Ashwin Rajan, speaker at The School of Startups

The School of Startups is an event held at The Shortcut twice a year.

It lasts three weeks, and each week focuses on three different tracks: Business, Design, and Tech.

During the Design Track, I had the chance to participate and meet Ashwin Rajan, the founder of a behavioral think tank called Fabric. He conducted a workshop about Behavioural Design.

I decided to interview him to understand better what is Behavioural Design and what was the aim of his workshop. He told me:

“Behavioural design for me and for my practice is essentially developing tools that can impact or change human behaviours with technology.”

I also asked him about his relationship with the Shortcut and how did he feel to be as a speaker at The School of Startups.

“I came to the School of Startups already a few years ago and the more time I’ve spent here the more I like this, because it really is a place that’s delivering on its mission, which is kind of to boost innovation through diversity.”

The Interview

Through his welcome and cordial approach, Ashwin has the skills to engage his audience on his topic.

His workshop was held in two parts. The first one was more general about the fundamentals and the theories; the second one was more specific with one of the tools he taught, with a conclusive practical group work.


If you are interested in his subject, you can follow Ashwin on Linkedin, where he publishes his articles.

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