The power of encouragement — how to grow through an internship

Wing is a Master Student at Hanken School of Economics majoring in Marketing. She is from Vietnam and did an internship with The Shortcut during four months supporting event production and promotion. She defines her experience as a chance to explore a new world, the startup ecosystem.

Nguyen Le (Wing) describes that when she first came to The Shortcut she was shy and sometimes afraid to raise her opinions, but after her four months internship she had not only acquired knowledge and skills but also confidence and new friends. “The Shortcut team value empowerment. They are nice, friendly, helpful and were always there for me. I appreciated their encouragement, support and how they acknowledged my contributions. I mean, isn’t it amazing to have someone at work telling you that you are awesome? I heard that often”.

She clearly remembers when Anne, the CEO of The Shortcut, approached her and said: “nothing is right or wrong, here we welcome new ideas so feel free to bring them up”.

Ahmed, Jing and Wing being the happy faces greeting the School of Startups participants.

Wing was part of the hardworking team putting up together our 3-week long flagship event, the School of Startups, leading the Design Track. She also got involved with the whole process of event management for inspirational and matchmaking events, from brainstorming, analyzing, planning for the concept of an event, to executing it by getting in touch with coaches and supporting the process of reaching the audience.

In social media Wing worked closely with Yesmith Sánchez, who shares some words about what is like to work with her: “Wing is modest about her own skills and potential, but the truth is that she is a brilliant team player. A person willing to learn, enthusiastic about new challenges and very resourceful. What better qualities could there be in a colleague? I highly appreciate how reliable she is and her support on our SoMe efforts”.

Wing shares with us what was like for her to work as an intern at The Shortcut and what it meant for her: “Being a part of The Shortcut gave me a chance to come out of my shell and explore a world new to me, the startup ecosystem. Working in this energetic community, I met amazing people with great passion and creative ideas. I have also gained experience and skills in areas such as communication, management, planning, teamwork, etc. but above all of the knowledge and skills, The Shortcut made me more confident in myself”.

Wing, who is currently in Vietnam says that she will be very happy to continue working with The Shortcut when she returns to Finland, and we can’t wait to have her back. We wait for you with arms wide open, Wing!