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10 Problems That Need Solutions

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I just finished reading “Skip The Line” by James Altucher and wanted to try an experiment based on one of the concepts in his book.

He recommends everyone work on their creativity by generating lists of new ideas every day.

In this experiment, I want to share some of my lists with you and in turn, I hope you will build and share your lists as well.

Let’s see how many awesome ideas we can come up with!

I’ll start with 10 problems that need solutions, then work to come up with ideas for those solutions in future posts.

In no particular order:

  1. climate change
  2. pollution
  3. education
  4. traffic
  5. poverty
  6. food waste
  7. affordable housing
  8. crime
  9. war
  10. access to medical care

Let me know in the comments below your 10 problems that need solutions.

Join me, Mike Lewis, and Destiny S. Harris!



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