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3 Unique Dice I Threw to Choose an Article Title

They’re not actually unique. But this tip can kickstart your writing

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Have you noticed that it can be hard to start writing?

Experienced at editing others’ words, I only recently decided to write for an online audience. I’m gathering tips and advice from you all on how to do this. I’ve learned so much! Here’s a tiny tip of my own.

Composing a title after we write is a best practice. But to start today, I rolled some polyhedral dice for playing Dungeons & Dragons. Two d20s plus a d10 gave me a number that corresponded with the word “unique” from a list of suggestions. (Unique means “one of a kind,” though some use it when they mean “unusual.”)

You don’t have to keep your first title, naturally — mine’s mediocre. Still, randomized choices can help reduce the pressure of producing.



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