5 Simple Ways To Be Kind To Your Co-Workers Even If They Don’t Deserve It

Be a friend to your co-workers.

Jameson Steward
The Shortform


Image from Canva.

Our jobs tend to be stressful places.

It’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed at work. During these times, people need a friend to show them kindness.

Here are five simple ways you can show a little kindness to your co-workers — even if they don’t deserve it.

  • Do an overwhelmed co-worker’s job to give them a five-minute break.
  • Help your newest co-worker fix a mistake they made.
  • Eat lunch with the co-worker nobody likes.
  • Cover for a co-worker who needs to leave a few minutes early.
  • Volunteer for the job nobody else wants to do.

Don’t be kind for what you get out of others.

Be kind so that you can give to others.