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The Short Form Challenge # 06

A Frog That Quickly Leaps Before A Paralysis

I Quit!

Photo by Illán Riestra Nava on Unsplash

I served close to 10-years. I did not get promoted unless I be a people pleaser. To complete another clean way was to study for a degree. But the chances were slim.

I saved bit by bit before I called it a quit. Toxic politics were rampant. There were 2-ways to thrive. Either cleanly join the gossip parties or dirtily use magic tricks.

I thought of the story. Frogs loved the pond. It wouldn’t budge as it was cozy. The water warmed and its legs numbed. The water boiled and its heart thumped frantically. It was too late to jump out due to paralysis.

Before you sink and get paralyzed, leap! Don’t imprison yourself too long in one 1-vacancy. I wouldn’t know of my current skills and talented gifts if I had not called it a Quit. Ex-warden. An unimpressive HISTORY.



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