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A Love Telegram

Morse code mishap

Photo by Photo by Shubham Sharma from Pexels

An Indian man worked in a foreign land. He received a telegram from his wife living in rural India. But there was a slight glitch with Morse code which changed the entire meaning of the message.

Dear Husband,

You did not write any letter to my sister. Our cow has got a job. Your father has given birth to two calves. I have become an alcoholic. I wrote you so many letters, but you did not come son of a dog. The wolf ate our two months grocery. While coming on vacation, bring a beautiful woman. I am living with a man in the neighborhood. Our goat is on the TV singing a song. I have sold your mother. The kid’s teacher misses you. Your sister has stopped giving milk. Our buffalo is sending you lots of love.

Your Wife

Gaurav Jain (aka Mr. G) is a Top Writer at Medium and this is the transcript of a hilarious interview with him.




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