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About ‘The Manager’- Divyansh

The things we do for love!

Photo of the author sitting on a beach side shack.

I live in India, so can’t make any money on Medium.

I work 50–60 hours a week, thus, no time as well.

I still write.

The things we do for love!

Made my writing debut on the eve of New Year with a shirtless pic as a clickbait and a spicy feel-good article.

Sometimes, I write pieces that do not fit into any publication or genre.

The manager who makes fun of the management books.

Sometimes, I go into depression and write.

I write self-help one day.

Then make fun of self-help the other day.

At times, I write abstract stories.

Around the half-year mark, the manager writes Medium a review.

There is no method to my writing.

I write based on my personal experiences.

Writing is important, everything else details.

The things we do for love!



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Divyansh Raghuvanshi

'The Manager' with interests in international affairs, fitness, humour, history, data science, and traveling. Currently experimenting with writing.