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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

William James, American Psychologist and philosopher

“Your actions can (and often do) have a profound effect on others in ways that you can only imagine.” Deeds January 11th The Daily Dose page 13 M.D. Ridenour

Do what matters to you and others. You may think you’re doing work to benefit yourself, but it’s really for someone else. Everything I write is for you. It’s not for me.

I wrote When it comes to writing for me, but it’s really for M.D. Ridenour. He compiled 365 daily thoughts and…




The Shortform is dedicated to the quick read. If you are looking for some tiny nuggets of knowledge or some easy entertainment, you came to the right place. Specially designed for consuming content when you are short on time or energy.

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Patricia Rosa

Patricia Rosa

I write engaging articles sprinkled with sarcasm. Writing in History of Yesterday, Writers Blokke and Illumination. Find me

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