All Big Publications Are Gone

What’s left?

Kristina God, MBA
The Shortform


All Big Publications Are Gone
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When Medium’s CEO Ev Williams told us that he wants to help the individual (self-published) writer more…

…this came with a catch.

One, he slashed the funding for Medium’s Editorial Team.

Two, he also cut off the support for Medium-owned publications plus the big Medium Players.

Medium-owned publications such as:

  • Debugger
  • Heated
  • Forge

shut their doors.

Additionally, beloved Big Players such as…

  • P.S. I Love You
  • The Ascent
  • The Post Grad Survival Guide
  • World Traveler’s Blog
  • Modern Parent

shut down.

Are all big publications gone?

I get asked this a lot.

Here’s the good news:

Not ALL are gone.

There are still some bigger publications I recommend.

So here’s the list:

  • Better Marketing



Kristina God, MBA
The Shortform

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