Apparently, Claps Are Gone

Goodbye. I’ll miss you.

Kristina God, MBA
The Shortform


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Medium’s new audio feature is here.

Claps are gone.

Here’s the proof.

6 comments within one hour but ZERO claps? This can’t be true and this has happened to all of my latest articles.

You want to know what’s the reason and if we’ll wave goodbye to claps soon?

Well, let me look into the crystal ball for a second…


Claps will come back but Medium will stay buggy and that really bugs me.

I’m in love with Medium’s new Speechify audio tool which allows us to listen to articles.

But I’m not willing to sacrifice the whole Medium experience for all these new features and recent changes.

Hey, for all new writers and readers, who are reading this right now:

The only constant on Medium is change.

I really hope my clap feature will come back.

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Kristina God, MBA
The Shortform

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