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Box Yourself In, Write More

With this, there’s little choice but to write

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Have you tried writing in your car for a change of scene and more focus?

I find cafés too noisy. Libraries might work, but the closest are cramped, and in my car no mask is needed. No worries, my phone won’t tempt me.

What about laptop car chargers? At least thirty bucks, hmm. While super minimalism isn’t my goal, I’m not very spendy. I’d prefer not to add more stuff.

I ran a test, charging an old spare laptop.

I pulled the power supply, turned off Wi-Fi, and started writing. Word processing only — no browsers, no distractions. Battery was at half-mast after 1.5 hours. Good enough to work on a single post, right? I can go mobile.

Could a small move like this boost your discipline and output?

I’ll try it out.



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