Habits Don’t Magically Change

YOU have to change

Destiny S. Harris
The Shortform


Jeff Kingma - Unsplash

A lot of people believe their habits will change when their circumstances change; this is an erroneous thought.

The only way to change a habit is to destroy a pattern.

If you don’t break the pattern, the habit will continue to play on repeat.

  • You won’t be a better employee when you get a new job.
  • You won’t be a better partner when you get a new partner.
  • You won’t experience more joy when you move to a new city.
  • You won’t manage your money better when you earn more income.
  • You won’t experience more happiness when you can buy more things.
  • You won’t stop abusing drugs when you move to a new environment.

Nothing will ever change until you change. Don’t believe the lie that your change is dependent on your outer circumstances.

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