Here Is The Sure Fire Way To Retain Your Writers And Readers


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Publications circulating among the Medium universe exist because they want to grow in their follower numbers.

Of course, that’s obvious, as the more followers they have, the more prominent they become across this sphere.

The ShortForm today has 7,361 followers, and seems to climb everyday, with new writers requesting to added often.

Don’t forget:

“Never take your eyes off the game. What you have easily gained, you can just as quickly lose too.”

Those that have wanted to join your publication have done so as they want their work to be seen & read more, yet they crave something more important than just that…

Writers want and deserve:





Myself, Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles, Dr. Preeti Singh, Josh Bassett, B.R. Shenoy, and Yana Bostongirl, uphold these values, each time you submit to us.

Every one of us were in your boat once, and we’ve never forgotten.



Jonathan Townend, RMN - Editor - Friend of Medium
The Shortform

Psychiatric Nurse Writer. Owner of Creative Passions, The Shortform, No Shame, World of Fiction publications, and co-editor for The Chocolate River.