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How do Egyptians feel about British Museum?

From Rosetta Stone to Mummies British Museum is full of Egyptian artifacts

A photo captured at British Museum by the Author

Last week, we went to London. One of the things I was eagerly waiting for was our trip to British Museum. I loved it. I was also pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of exhibits that it housed.

However, after spending a whole morning, roaming around, I felt like it has a surprisingly large number of artifacts from Egypt including rosetta stone, mummy masks, mummy cases, and actual mummies. This got me thinking that why are these not in Egypt but in Britain. This also made me wonder how Egyptians would feel when they see these showcased in Britain, but not in their own country. If you are an Egyptian or have an opinion about it, please leave a response. I would really like to hear different thoughts about this.




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