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See How You Can Convert Your Articles to Video for YouTube

Screenshot from my YouTube Analytics

I made the video below from one of my humorous poems I once wrote, describing how Humpty Dumpty felt about life throughout each of the year’s four seasons. It’s a parody of the well-known “Humpty Dumpty” Nursery Rhyme.

Interestingly, it’s getting 95% of its views from YouTube search, so I wonder if that means parents are searching for children’s stories. That could be a valuable clue for writers to focus on for further creative content.

Watch this short example:

Learn How I Did It

See this next article to learn how I did it with Pictory, an AI tool that does the major work for you.




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Glenn Stok

Glenn Stok


Author with a Master’s Degree. I provide writing-tips based on 13 years of online publishing and essays on relationships in my Medium pub.