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The Shortform

Day 30/30-Day Writing Challenge

I Never Wanted To Be Anything~

“Do Soldiers Die?” I asked my Papa

Anthony Huie

Early one afternoon, as a young child sitting in my front yard, excited to see the army march passed our gate, I would grow up to become a soldier, I told myself. In great numbers singing songs in unison, such impressive pageantry moved me. On this particular day, as the soldiers marched passed our gate, I turned to my Papa and asked, “Do soldiers die?”

My Papa, very slowly, turned his head in my direction, looked down at me, and with the strangest of expressions,

My Papa has since died and, to this day, never answered me. It was sometime during that period of confusion, I decided I would become nothing in particular until I could determine if they would die. Simple things, and perhaps not.




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Anthony Cloe Huie

Anthony Cloe Huie

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