I’m Being Trolled And You Could Be The Next

I’m sorry that you can’t be happy.

Kristina God, MBA
The Shortform


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I always tell my followers to put their readers first.

Your reader is the main character. Not you.

Of course, you can share your personal experience and write about what you want but you have to provide VALUE for your readers.

Here is the exception to the rule:

Unless your reader is a troll.

I think everyone who writes online has or will experience some sort of trolling.

What’s a troll?

Readers who…

  • leave provocative comments
  • offensive comments

Why do people troll?

They want…

  • to upset someone
  • attention
  • personal amusement instead of boredom

They are jealous, bored, sad.

I’m being trolled and it is okay.

I knew this would happen sooner or later. It happened to Robert Ralph and Yana Bostongirl before.

What I’ll do?

I won’t respond and block the trolls’ accounts.

You don’t have to leave the platform.

The trolls do.



Kristina God, MBA
The Shortform

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