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Introduction to The Shortform New Guy

Hailing frequency open, Captain.

Dr. Bob Nolley here.

In spite of all of the roles in my profile, at heart, I’m a writer. And a leadership freak.

I podcast (see Labrador Leadership, and another is on the way) and write mostly not from the strategic/marketing/sales perspective, but from the team building and workplace perspectives. The past couple of years have rocketed these areas to the top of the Skills Needed List.

And a memoir is in the typewriter, too.

I have decades of leading in information technology, finance, higher ed, and health care. The current event is that my household move is iminent. I am moving from the West End to the South Side of town, and it will be the longest move of my entire life!

Looking forward to reading your words and hearing your voice.



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Dr. Bob Nolley

Dr. Bob Nolley


Full time Husband, Dad, Writer, Podcaster, Professor, Leadership Junkie, Media Buff, Sports fan. Research-based writing on behavior, work, and online business.