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Is it Wrong to Lie to Your Husband About Being Off Work?

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

This week I took some holiday days off work. I imagined fun family days filled with laughter. I imagined having time to do things.

I made a mistake.

I should have taken the days off, but let my partner assume I was at work. I could have gone on a daytrip.

Imagine being free to hop on a train or bus and go anywhere? To go to a shop without someone who wants to run in the opposite direction? To eat dinner without having to share with a two year old?

Being off work with a two year old isn’t a holiday. I get the best quality time to myself at work on my lunchbreak.

Next time would it be selfish to forget to tell my partner I’m not working?



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Mari Sherret

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