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The Short Form Challenge Bonus

It Was A Small Achievement But I Am Glad I Did It


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Dear Tom Fenske and editors, thank you for accepting my articles. — Me

I discovered ways to make writing easier.

  • Write drafts as many as you can. On busy or sick days, choose the ready ones to publish. Use the capital letters ‘T’ and ‘K’ together to lock the drafts to prevent incomplete drafts from being published. The word will appear in golden-yellow.
  • Before we publish anything, we will get to the page for tags. Set the specific dates we want for the completed draft articles to be published.

I did not write daily recently as I had a death case in my family. And I am still unwell. The completed drafts did great wonders.

Thank you, everyone, for reading. To my mentor, Alberto, thank you for being around. 💌

You may find my 10 days short form challenge in the List section on my page



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