It’s About Time Bob Changed His Foul-Smelling Mix Right Now


Image created by the author in CANVA PRO.

Ahh, my pristine new driveway that my local authority did for me over the past month, it looks smooth, professional, black (yes alright you smarty pants, of course it’s black, it’s tarmac🤣.)

But seriously, glance at the road image (bottom left) that was first resurfaced 8 years, then resurfaced again just 5 years back.

“Hmm, kinda leaves me wondering, will my driveway look as disarrayed in as many years from now like that road, and oh my God… potholes”

Tarmac is a road surface material that consists of a mixture of bitumen (a petroleum-based binder) and aggregate materials such as stone or gravel so, despite Bob from the authority telling me about its durable qualities (yes, the very same reason that it’s used to surface roads) I’m left wondering:

“How long before those road-familiar potholes suddenly take to appear?”

Take a look at these:

These photographs were taken by the author of our main road, just 3 months after they were retarmacked, due to the original potholes had appeared.



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