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This Happened to Me

Let Me Tell You a Story

There is an important lesson here if you love writing

A tin tub containing a bunch of beautiful salmon-pink colored roses just about to burst into bloom
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In April 2021, I began Rosy’s Ramblings. It has grown steadily and I now have paying subscribers.

I’m not here to brag or boast. The moral of the story is that I have never missed publishing a post, even when I was hospitalized.




The Shortform is dedicated to the quick read. If you are looking for some tiny nuggets of knowledge or some easy entertainment, you came to the right place. Specially designed for consuming content when you are short on time or energy.

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Rosy Gee

Rosy Gee

Author and blogger, I am writing a novel “live” on Substack releasing 2 chapters a week. Find out more at Rosy’s Ramblings -

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