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Let Yourself be a Mystery

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When you awaken, what is your first thought?

When you fall asleep, what is your last thought?

You can seed the last thought through intention. The first thought, though, arises naturally and gives insight into what is happening inside you.

Don’t make an enemy of your thoughts. It’s like yelling at a child.

What are they trying to tell you?

Write down your first thought of the day. Do it every day. See how it changes. Or doesn’t.

Although you may want to figure yourself out, don't!

See the thought for what it is — a finger pointing to the moon but not the moon itself.

Hold back the impulse to know yourself.

Let yourself be a mystery so a deeper and truer understanding can emerge.



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Susie Arnett

Susie Arnett

Transformational Concierge. Wellness-industry leader. Non-stop self-tracker and insanely curious seeker about everything and anything that makes life better.