Medium, She Said Yes!

She made me understand the magic of marriage.

Daniel Silva
The Shortform


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Marriage can be seen as an investment in some countries since it brings some fiscal benefits.

However, in Portugal, a regular couple that has been together for a while ends up benefiting from the same fiscal benefits as a married couple.

I’m the atypical hopeless romantic that never saw marriage with good eyes — marriage was always a synonym for waste of money.

Then I met an amazing Italian girl that made me throw away this belief.

On one of our first dates, she said this:

“For me, marriage is for the others. The couple already knows how they feel about one another. Marriage only serves to share those feelings with friends and family.”

This altruistic thought resonated with me so hard that I had to make her my fianceé.

So yes, guys I’m engaged… and I’ve never been happier!