Mind The Small Things

They add up to become the fabric of your life

Created by the author in Canva

When my race is run and I can look back and see my life clearly, I’m sure it will be the small moments that mattered most — small choices, small decisions:

  • A kind word instead of criticism
  • Patience instead of irritation
  • Action instead of inaction
  • Inaction instead of action
  • Listening instead of talking
  • Left instead of right
  • Right instead of wrong
  • Generosity instead of greed
  • A mindset of abundance instead of scarcity
  • Kindness instead of cruelty
  • Hope instead of fear

The sum of these small choices will be my life’s legacy, and that realization is sobering.

If I could ask for just one superpower today, it would be for discernment: the ability to see clearly which of any choice at any given time is the path of love.



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