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The Short Form Challenge # 09

Next 10 Years Possible Life’s Scenes

Technologies and Robots

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

“Wallie, where did you put my plant? Have you watered it?”

Wallie will replace housemaids.
Drones will replace delivery vehicles.
Auto robots will replace caregivers at the hospice.
Transformers will roam on the Earth as civil servants.

We check out from the supermarket without cashiers. It eliminates the urge to steal. There will be lesser theft crimes. More people work from home. Wallie does the cooking.

Wallie will be clearing the mess.
We buy items from online augmented reality.
We look at virtual shops.
We stay indoors often, and lesser crime happens.

Our glasses read the minds of people.
It helps visually impaired people, the judges, and investigators.
The world can no longer lie in courtrooms.

Everything is transparent. Isn’t it interesting? Not really. We lost human contacts and the humane side.



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