No, Travelers aren’t Tourists

Tourists are nosy. Travelers help.

Manas Patil
The Shortform
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Mar 10, 2022
Photo by Kyler Boone on Unsplash

Lazy vacations are nice. Vacations that let you travel somewhere exotic and have your favorite drink under the warm sun by the beach.

Is that all that hits you when we speak of travel? I’m here to tell you otherwise.

Sure, it’s about getting away from your daily routine, but it isn’t all about relaxing. A vacation is synonymous with tourists — Tourism.

Travelers don’t seek places to relax or a ‘beautiful’ place to visit. They tend to wander where most don’t.

Tourists look for itineraries — well-planned ones that have zero chances for change.

Travelers explore, immerse into understanding a culture.

Want to be more of a traveler? Just keep your eyes open.

Talk to the locals. Listen to their stories. Listen more, talk less.

There’s much to see in the world out there :)



Manas Patil
The Shortform

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