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On Being Hopelessly Hopeful

Optimism May Not Always Lead To the Desired Result but It Does Ensure a Tremendous Sense of Satisfaction

Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

I remain hopeful even when the situation becomes increasingly hopeless. I keep trying, and don’t want to give up even if the prospects look bleak. Being hopelessly hopeful is not entirely a smart thing you many think.

Think again!

It’s a fact that even the most honest of efforts does not necessarily ensure the best of results. Some things do not work out no matter what. However, I believe there’s at least the satisfaction of knowing you gave it a genuine shot despite being aware that the end result is not in your hands.

Hope is synonymous with optimism, and it is an optimistic person who always has better chances of getting things done vis-à-vis a negative minded individual.

Being hopelessly hopeful isn’t bad after all.



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