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One Minute to Learn it — Marketing Funnel

Marketing Growth Funnel — Developed by Author

You have opened a food store — but the seats are empty.

How do you find customers?

There’s a method to this madness

Step 01 —

Get the word out — Make local people aware that you are ready to serve. You don’t need to bring them now, just inform them.

Step 02 —

Talk to them again. This time, make them consider visiting your store. Activate them by generating interest and getting contact details.

Step 03 —

Time to sell! Acquire customers by using appropriate & psychological pricing.

Step 04 —

Send the customers new offers — you want to retain them. Convert them into repeat customers by offering new products & benefits.

Step 05 —

Encourage them to refer your store to friends and family.

And while customers take their seats, you can read the full Funnel.



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