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One Simple Rule To Help You Stay Motivated!

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Ever wondered why you get demotivated?

It is because you are doing something which is either very easy or very hard.

Let’s find the best possible solution.

Goldilocks Rule:

Image Source: Successful Businessman (Freepik)

It simply means experiencing peak motivation level when you’re doing something that matches your abilities.

Example: When you try to do something easily, you get demotivated. When you try to do something extremely hard, you again get demotivated.

So the best way is to find a balance. Not much easy, not much hard. Just doing things right.

How To Find Balance?

The best option is to get immediate feedback on your work.

This helps you to maintain flow in your work because you are not getting burnout and changing your strategies with time.

This simple practice, when practiced regularly, will keep you motivated throughout your work.

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