Over Stressed? Execute A Routine Switch Up

The key is doing something that forces you to be present.

Destiny S. Harris
The Shortform


Roberto NicksonUnsplash

Plenty of stress is self-imposed. That’s right. You frequently cause your stress. And sometimes, you struggle to see your way out of it because the stress consumes you.

Here’s a simple trick: Switch up your routine — immediately.

Take a quick drive, take a walk somewhere you’ve never been, engage in a new activity, take a mini trip, talk to someone new, switch up the route of your regular drives, meditate in nature, or engage in an activity that takes you back to a positive childhood memory.

Whatever you do, ensure it forces you to be present.

Do this, and you will magically restrategize a whole new direction to manage your stress or finally eradicate that obligation you thought you couldn’t give up.

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