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People Won’t Read Your Stories If You Are Making This One Mistake

Don’t make this mistake.

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I read a lot of stories on Medium. But, recently, I have noticed that I also skip a lot of stories after clicking on them.

One of the main reasons I do that is when I see long paragraphs.

Most people click on a story mainly because of the intriguing title.

I do so too.

After clicking on the story, I observe the content structure. If they have long paragraphs, I don’t feel like reading them. Sometimes, I read a few lines, and then I stop.

The lesson here is: Don’t write long paragraphs. Instead, learn to structure your content well. It is crucial if you want more reads.

Write at most three sentences in a paragraph.

Readers read with their eyes too. So, use short paragraphs, images, bullet points, numbering, and subheadings in your stories.




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