Reality Is Nothing But…

Exploring the paradox of reality

Yogesh Malik
The Shortform
May 24, 2024


Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

Reality Is Nothing But …

  • an illusion we all collectively agree upon, yet it feels as solid as a rock.
  • a sitcom where the jokes are on us, and the laugh track is missing.
  • a construct influenced by societal norms, power dynamics, and individual perspectives.
  • a narrative constructed by those in power to maintain control over the masses.
  • a web of influences, perceptions, and biases that shape our worldview.
  • a philosophical quest to understand what it means to ‘be.’

But Reality Doesn’t Need To …

  • be understood fully to be experienced deeply and meaningfully.
  • be mystical; it might be grounded in scientific principles and observable facts.
  • be perfect; it is in its imperfections that we find true meaning.
  • be accepted passively; it must be critically examined and questioned.



Yogesh Malik
The Shortform

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