Revealing The Spine Of People Who Think They Can Cheat

Is it simply an obsession with their own greed now?


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It’s wise to direct your anger towards problems, not people; to focus your energies on answers, not excuses.

William Arthur Ward.

Except, this incidence, I’m directing anger and annoyance at those people who seem to think it’s hunky-dory to claim state-owned monies, when having no right in doing so. describe anger as ‘an intense emotion you feel when something has gone wrong or someone has wronged you. It is typically characterized by feelings of stress, frustration, and irritation. Everyone feels anger from time to time. It’s a perfectly normal response to frustrating or difficult situations.’

Britain is too remiss when it comes to the amount of fraudsters who are getting away with it today. It’s time the Government did something serious about managing this problem.

My anger will disappear when whatever Government takes power on the General Election coming our way, actually decides that enough is enough.



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