Some Progress Is Better Than Zero Progress

Perfection isn’t the only enemy of progress.

Destiny S. Harris
The Shortform


Hasan Almasi

The desire to accomplish a lot is an enemy of progress people underestimate.

Why work on your goal at all if you can only accomplish a little?

However, always keep the long-term view in mind. It’s not about who finishes the race the fastest but who finishes the race.

Some days, you will feel super motivated, masterfully plan your time, and make several steps forward.

On other days, life will happen, and you won’t have as much bandwidth to make as much progress on your goals.

But a little bit of progress still matters.

Never underestimate the power of a small action towards your goals; over time, it will compound and add up.

Just stay consistent day in and day out; this is all that matters.

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