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The Shortform

Sound For A Sunrise

Shakespeare inspired (“…with bated breath…”)

All those days, those endless days, still I sit and wait.
Waiting for a better tomorrow.
Waiting for the sun to shine bright, and bright, and bright.
The world is waiting too.
Waiting to hear the wind blow.
To listen to the music of the rain.
To listen to the trees weep.
To listen to the birds, and the flowers, the grass, and the trees.
Waiting is…



The Shortform is dedicated to the quick read. If you are looking for some tiny nuggets of knowledge or some easy entertainment, you came to the right place. Specially designed for consuming content when you are short on time or energy.

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Janice Eastman

From reading my writing, I hope you will begin to break down self-imposed barriers and find your authentic self in the extraordinary story of life.