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“Tell Me About Your Dust Bunnies”

Commented Ali Hall, in this post

Here’s my response, dear Ali

I love my little dust bunnies
They cover every surface
I cannot imagine there was a time
When I thought they were a disgrace

Today I am so much wiser
I only dust if I must
If a visitor starts to complain
I suggest they wear a mask or a visor

For those who keep nagging me
I tell them they’re welcome
To tackle the dust and mess
Me, I just find it tiresome

Now, when I just want to relax
At the end of a long workday
I call out hey hey hey
And my dust bunnies come out to play

Fluffy, tiny, messy, sneaky
They happily occupy my space
I don't find it the least bit freaky
Even though they get in my way

Vidya Sury Collecting Smiles



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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